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DAY 1 (18, Oct.)
Time Presentation/Event Presenter Organization
10:30 [ Welcome Greeting ] Ryouichi Imai JAXA/Vice President
* Session Chair : Koichi Suzuki   RDD/JAXA
JAXA's Space System for Next Decade Noriyasu Inaba RDD/JAXA
NASA's View on Space Electronics for Next Decade Shri Agarwal NASA/JPL
12:00 [ Lunch ]
13:00 [POSTER Session]
New Product Development for Space Applications-Power Hybrids and Power Modules/Assemblies Christine Andrade Solid State Devices
Microsemi RTG4 FPGAs and Space System Managers - Update on Radiation and Reliability Ken O'Neill Microsemi
Powering the Next Generation of Satellite Constellations Oscar Mansilla Renesas
Space DDR3 SDRAM memory and its controller IP core Pierre Xiao Wang 3D PLUS
Current status of study of high thermal conductive substrate for electronic components Kazunori Shimazaki RDD/JAXA
Evaluation Results of New Contamination Sensor "Twin-CQCM" developed by Japanese Manufacturer Yuta Tsuchiya RDD/JAXA
Operating program dependency of noise signal emitted from digital LSI Keita Sakamoto RDD/JAXA
Development of Ceramic BGA Package for Space-use Masao Nakamura Nippon Avionics
14:20 * Session Chair : Shoichi Miura   MELCO
Radiation Hardness Assurance for Commercial Off the Shelf EEE Components on Small Satellites Ali Zadeh ESA
The Marathon for revolution in EEE space parts Michael Moesken Tesat-Spacecom
The space qualification level impact on semiconductor packaging and performance Marc Stackler Teledyne e2v
15:40 [ Coffee and Tea & Exhibitions] 20min
16:00 * Session Chair : Norio Nemoto   S&MA/JAXA
Introduction of the new product SJ power MOSFETs Yuji Kumagai Fuji Electric
Enabling Power Efficiency Improvements in next generation of Satellites Bjarne Soderberg International Rectifier HiRel
An independent comparison of space-grade power microelectronics and future satellite/spacecraft semiconductor power trends for the next decade Rajan Bedi Spacechips
JAXA Activity on Wide Band Gap Power Device Yuki Nakada RDD/JAXA
17:20 Adjourn for the day
17:30 [ Reception ]

[ Side Event:15:00-17:40 Robot "Cheerleaders" Demo. by MURATA Manufacturing]

DAY 2 (19, Oct.)
Time Presentation/Event Presenter Organization
10:00 * Session Chair : Hiroyuki Shindo   RDD/JAXA
Space Wireless Technology for Next Decade Makoto Tomitaka RDD/JAXA
Connector Press-fit technology for Space-Flight Application Jay Sandidge Positronic
Miniaturization of RF connectivity for Space applications Hasteen Jobalia Huber+Suhner Astrolab
New Projects of the German Technology Development and Qualification Program Burak Gökgöz DLR
11:40 [ Lunch & Exhibitions ]
13:00 * Session Chair : Kenji Sugimoto   HIREC
JAXA Next Generation Microprocessor: SOI process and System-on-Chip Osamu Kawasaki RDD/JAXA
Fault Tolerant LEON Processor Family-A Spectrum of European Space Processors Christian Sayer Cobham Gaisler
Preliminary investigation of single event effects on next generation non-volatile technology to realize normally-off computing architecture in space Kozo Takeuchi RDD/JAXA
Space Memory Components for the Next Decade Helmut Puchner Cypress Semiconductor
14:20 [ Coffee and Tea & Exhibitions] 40min
15:00 * Session Chair : Kenji Haga   NEC
SCD's and upscreen of EEE parts to meet the future needs in Space Applications Keith Watanabe Comtech (formerly TCS)
ST's Next Generation Products and Technologies for Space Applications Sebastien Bernard STMicroelectronics
Electroless Ni/Pd/Au Plating for Lead-free Solder Assembly with Electronic Devices for Space Applications II Yoshinori Ejiri Hitachi Chemical
Road map of Printed Boards for space applications Toshimi Sugimura
Yasuo Toyokura
Yamanashi Avionics
OKI Circuit Technology
[Wrap up and Closing remarks] Hiroyuki Shindo RDD/JAXA
16:30 Adjourn