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  Last Update:19-Oct-2015
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DAY 1 (Oct. 21st)
Time Presenter Affiliation Presentation Title
9:30 Ryouichi Imai JAXA (Vice President) Welcome Greeting
(Session Chair) Koichi Suzuki RDD / JAXA
9:40 Tadayuki Takahashi ISAS/JAXA SpaceWire-based Network Architecture for the ASTRO-H X-ray Satellite
10:30 Keith Watanabe TCS Space & Component Technology MRAM: The Next Generation of Rad-Hard Non-Volatile Memory for Space
10:50 Helmut Puchner Cypress Semiconductor Modern Memory Devices for Space Applications
11:10 Coffee and Tea
(Session Chair) Eiichi Mizuta RDD / JAXA
11:30 Guido Joormann DLR, German Aerospace Center New Technologies for Space Projects: GaN Power Switching Transistors & Assembly- and Test House (ATH)
11:50 Wolfgang Kuebler Infineon Technologies Super-junction Power Transistors: The next stage of radiation hard switching devices for space
12:10 Minh Nguyen Microsemi RTG4・High-Speed Radiation-Tolerant FPGAs Changes Space Electronics by Solving Satellite Signal Processing Congestion
12:30 Lunch & Exhibitions
14:00 MURATA Technical Demonstration by MURATA BOY & GIRL !
(Session Chair) Norio Nemoto S&MA / JAXA
14:30 Takashi Eishima Axelspace Return of Faster, Better and Cheaper : COTS Utilization in Small Sats
15:20 Agustin Coello-Vera ALTER TECHNOLOGY TUV NORD Using a Commercial Gyroscope in a Space Program
15:40 Poster Session (w/ Coffee and Tea)
(Session Chair) Norio Nemoto S&MA / JAXA
16:40 Tsuyoshi Nakagawa S&MA/JAXA Examination of Soldering Technology for the use of Lead-free Commercial Parts
17:00 Ejiri Yoshinori Hitachi Chemical Future Electronic Devices Technology in Cosmic Space and Electroless Ni/Pd/Au Plating for High Density Semiconductor Package Substrate II
17:20 Shunji Sano Yamanashi Avionics High speed signal corresponding of printed board for space application
17:40 Adjournment of the Day
18:00 Reception
DAY 2 (Oct. 22nd)
Time Presenter Affiliation Presentation Title
(Session Chair) Yoshio Miyazaki HIREC
9:30 Thibault Brunet ST Microelectronics ST Microelectronics Rad-Hard portfolio expansion continues
9:50 Marc Basanez Solid State Devices 3 MOVES TO BOOST YOUR SPACE APPLICATIONS
10:10 Michael Moesken Tesat-Spacecom Upscreening for non-standard parts and new technologies as a driver for flexibility in the EEE parts selection
10:30 Coffee and Tea
(Session Chair) Naomi Ikeda S&MA / JAXA
10:50 Ali Zadeh ESA ESTEC A mission to Jupiter - EEE Component Radiation Hardness Assurance on the European Space Agency JUICE spacecraft
11:40 Makoto Tomitaka RDD/JAXA Technology Innovation for Future Space Applications - Wireless Power Transmission and Communication Technology -
12:00 Lunch & Exhibitions
13:30 MURATA Technical Demonstration by MURATA BOY & GIRL !
(Session Chair) Hiroyuki Shindou RDD / JAXA
14:00 Shri Agarwal JPL/NASA The infusion of new parts and manufacturing technologies into NASA's applications
14:50 Bernard Bancelin ATMEL NANTES S.A.S. Mixed System on Chip (SoC) Design flow: how to prequalified analog cells and how to mix power, logic, analog and high speed interface
15:10 Oscar Mansilla Intersil Intersil's Next Generation Silicon-on-Insulator Process for Analog and Mixed Signal Space Products.
15:30 Coffee and Tea
(Session Chair) Hiroyuki Shindou RDD / JAXA
15:50 Shlomo Manheim Cobham Semiconductor Solutions Class Y-ceramic non-hermetic packages in space applications
16:10 Koichi Suzuki RDD/JAXA Wrap up and Closing remarks
16:30 Adjournment
POSTER (Oct. 21st)
Time Presenter Affiliation Presentation Title
15:40 Akifumi Maru RDD/JAXA A Study of Radiation Tolerance Technique for Space Grade Parts in JAXA
15:40 Noriko Yamada RDD/JAXA Study on High-density Surface Mount Technology in JAXA
15:40 Keita Sakamoto RDD/JAXA Evaluation method of near-magnetic-field effects for high performance space LSIs
15:40 Yuta Tsuchiya RDD/JAXA Fabrication and Evaluation of an Array Sensor to Measure Contamination In-plane Distribution
15:40 Kozo Takeuchi RDD/JAXA Feasibility study for the ultra-low energy consumption, high speed, non-volatile technology
15:40 Yasushi Okawa RDD/JAXA Research Topics on Carbon Nanotube Field Emission Cathode for Space